Would really appreciate any help with my request....

Im looking to setup a project for my uni assignment. its going to be a time radio site and i'm looking to create a page that has some javascript to carry out an image rotation.

I want to have:
- three images side by side
- all images to rotate from a folder containing 100+ pictures
- they all have different file names and extensions but i can change them if need be
- i want the images to rotate automatically without the page having to be reloaded or mouseovers or anything
- i would like them to rotate on different time frames i.e. first picture 3 sec rotation, second picture 5 seconds, third image 7 seconds.... something like that

if any can help me with this i would be really grateful...

iv tried scanning the web but come up short. cant use php or anything its got to be a html page using javascript.

just to point out im not cheating by the way the module im doing it for is for media design not programming just cant find the code to do what i want.

again thanks for everyones time