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Thread: Help: PHP solution for SSL VPN

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    Help: PHP solution for SSL VPN

    Dear All

    I am currently creating a public website that will link to a private intranet.

    The intranet, not created by me, already exists and can only be accessed if you vpn into my company network.

    The website that I will be creating resides in a different network from the intranet and my website is supposed to provide an online vpn login page for my users. After authentication, they will then be able to access the contents in the intranet.

    May I know how should i go about creating that vpn login mechanism with php? And should the login page be hosted in my web server or the web server hosting the intranet? Is there any open source solution available?

    I am very lost. Hope somebody is able to help me.

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    If your VPN connection can be initiated/closed via command line try to have PHP do a command call like exec() and launch the VPN connection via command line, whatever the command is.

    i.e. "net use H: SERVERSHAREDDIR /user:USERNAME" saved to vpn.bat for a Windows XP VPN session startup. Replace drive, server share dir and username accordingly, of course.

    Beyond this, got me!


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