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Thread: Know where I can find this type of code??

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    Exclamation Know where I can find this type of code??

    Not sure if I have posted this in the right place correct me if I am wrong.
    Ok so I run an adult website with basic html and such on it. It looks good and all but what I really want is a script that will allow the girls logged in to appear first and the others maybe on a separate page or at the bottom or something.

    Please make sure everything is in java for dummies type wording.

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    First off, I need clarification on something. You mention users get logged in but also describe the site as "basic and HTML". Is there a back end script and/or database that stores usernames, passwords and of course gender type?

    If you have a database or storage on the back end, it's a simple matter of creating a query that sorts by gender and displaying the output where you want it.

    You also must mean "JavaScript" not Java, the former is a client side scripting language and the latter is a number of computer software products and specifications from Sun Microsystems that together provide a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform environment.

    If your login system is written in Java, you have a complete back end system you're not telling us about. If it's written in Javascript, your adult site is wide open to major security exploits as it can easily be disabled by users on their browser, among other things.

    Need more info please -- and thank you for NOT posting the link, my kids visit this forum for crying out loud.


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