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Thread: Child Fields - No solution found

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    Exclamation Child Fields - No solution found

    Hey everyone,

    Well, I built a local html page wich loads a popup containing a online hosted web page. This popup contains frames and a form field I want to fill out via JS.

    The idea goes like that:
    - loads an external page in pop up:
    -- http://www.whatever.com/form-with-frames.html
    --- how to fill this form from the autofill.html JS code.

    I tried:
    but won't work.
    I googled all over for a solution but found nothing.

    Any ideas?

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    No way with javascript only, because the pages belong to different domains. There might be a combined solution AJAX+server-side application, but that means you need to install and run a server on your machine

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    Thanks Kor.

    I'll look for a different form filling automation method.

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