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Thread: sortable table script need 1 column not to sort

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    sortable table script need 1 column not to sort

    Good evening,
    I have a sortable table on my site (right now only a few, but will have 50 names when finished), What I am trying to figure out is I need to have a column (first, before team column) with numbers 1 to 50. I dont want this column to ever move so teams can see how they rank against everyone else. I would have to add the column for the numbers, once I can find answer

    I have included the page http://www.fantasyracein.com/teamstats.php

    The team column I was able to keep from making it sortable, Thx RJ
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    There isn't a column before the team column.

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    Thx for looking at this,
    No there isn't that is my problem, if I adjust table to add a column before team column, and put 1 to whatever in it for a order of what place they are in on different columns. I can make that # not sort, but when I sort other columns they will change also, need them to stay put 1 to etc. never moving.

    thx RJ

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