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Thread: Constructing RegExp functions in SQL

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    Question Constructing RegExp functions in SQL

    I've been reading here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc163473.aspx

    I don't know very much about SQL (and I don't really need to learn to do more than simple tasks on a regular basis), so I'm having difficulty deciding how to construct a query that I can save for UPDATE statements.

    What I need to do is add in the RegExp functions and then use that to create a RegExp string that will find all HTML tags. But I have no idea where to start constructing. I will need to be able to use captures as well. Can someone show me how to construct the functions from the link above and then how to use them in an update statement? This really is just a one time thing, so I don't really want to spend a week learning UDFs and whatnot... I prefer to focus my time on client-side development.

    I'm using SQL 2005 and the columns I'm trying to use are what I think is TEXT datatype, but they're labeled TEXT in one place and MEMO in another (I don't have access to the actual server).
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    Don't expect to be able to use captures in any DBMS. A RegExp in any query is a last resort for data searching. When you say capture, I presume you want to return an array of matches, nothing I know of that is possible in any SQL instances.
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