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Thread: Crawling through a menu tree

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    Question Crawling through a menu tree

    I'm working on a light-weight CMS and I have a table of menu items that I want to administer. The relevant fields for this question are

    menu_item_id (PRIMARY KEY)
    menu_item_status(PUBLISHED, UNPUBLISHED, TRASH)

    If there are sub-menus, their menu_item_parent is set to the menu_item_id of the parent menu item. If I change the menu_item_status of a parent, I want the effect to cascade down through all the child menus, however many levels deep.

    I tried doing this with a recursive function in PHP but the process would hang on me. I'd rather do it on the level of MYSQL if that's possible. Is there a MYSQL solution for this?

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    You might also consider using a nested set hierarchical structure for the data instead of the parent/child (adjacency list) structure.
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