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Thread: Using wordpress, want diversity

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    Using wordpress, want diversity

    Hello there,

    I guess this is the correct sub-forum. Anywhoo, I currently run a wordpress site (hosted on the site) But I would like to add a new element to it.

    Right now all the "pages" on my site have the same style to them. What I would love to be able to do is if you click on a link, (an upcoming show) it would then bring you to an entirely new page.

    If you want to see the site now it is
    I would like to be able to create a new page using a different program (something simple to creating a webpage that is not "blog-like" I imagine using a software program like iweb or another simple-to-use web-building program to build a page with moving images, maybe some sounds.

    In other words, if I were to click on upcoming show "HAIR" I would like that page to be oh, spinning colors in the background, music playing in the background, images that fly around, la la la...

    So does anyone know if I can do this? Are there other programs that would let me build a web page and then import it into wordpress?

    Thank you all so much. If I need to clear this up just let me know.

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    Well you could just add a new html page in the root directory and then link to that assuming you didn't need to pull in the header and the footer. Otherwise when you edit a page you can switch to html view and edit the code manually there

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