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Thread: Security Issue

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    Security Issue

    An acquaintance of mine called me today and is all upset because her customers are getting spam email from her domain name. She said that she had been hacked a little while ago. Of course she's all upset because her customers are going to start flagging her real emails as spam.

    I don't have enough information to know whether the emails are being generated on her server by software uploaded during the hack, or if the hacker simply stole all he email addresses on her site then created emails with her domain name as a return email. I suspect the latter and have requested that she get the headers off of on of the spam emails to confirm this.

    Here's my question. Is there anything that she can do about this if the emails are being generated on another server?


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    You can set the SPF record for you your domain which helps you to block spam emails. However, it will not block 100% spam emails but it decreases the spam emails.

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