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Thread: [RESOLVED] help please

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    resolved [RESOLVED] help please

    ok, so basically what's going on is I'm working with something like this page here:

    as you can see, by clicking on the thumbails, the larger image appears ... this is all fine
    however, I am trying to add this kind of effect to a second image simultaneously, so that when clicking on the thumbnail, two images appear

    *** This is for a client therefore it must work ASAP

    I've never worked with jQuery before, so this is all very new to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodhalld View Post
    *** This is for a client therefore it must work ASAP
    Makes people feel nice and warm and fuzzy inside knowing we are doing YOUR work in which YOU are getting PAID to do.


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    I get a warm, fuzzy feeling every time I see jQuery

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    not everyone knows everything about everything.................
    if you're going to not be helpful to those who need help, find a knife and run towards it ... hopefully it'll be at the edge of a very very high building ....

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