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Thread: Psuedo-newb needs advice on new server

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    Question Psuedo-newb needs advice on new server

    I've been "managing" a dedicated server for years. I know enough to be dangerous and keep the server going, but I am certainly still learning.

    The box I manage is only for myself, so don't think I put customers in danger with my noviceness. Is that a word? Anyway...

    My current box runs Linux. I know Linux is most secure and most reliable, but I hate command lines. I just think they're archaic, inefficient and hard to learn. I realize I will be flamed my linux-ites, but it's just my opinion.
    So, I have the option now of moving to Windows. But, I've never run a Windows web server before. I have a local Windows server that runs an office domain, but I don't deal with http, etc. If I want to move to a Windows web server, how much trouble will I have, seeing that I'm used to PHP, MySQL, etc, running on Apache? I don't want to move to Windows if I'm going to be pulling my hair out trying to get it to work the way I expect it to.

    So, what are the opinions out there? Windows or Linux? Pros and Cons?


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    I had all kinds of trouble getting MS stuff to work on Windows (ASP, SMTP, etc). I would stick with what works (and is cheaper).

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