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Thread: Changing an image with a certian URL

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    Changing an image with a certian URL

    Currently, I'm using webs.com as my provider for my site.

    There are some things I want to change, that they dont have a option for, E.X. the profile image of new Users, and the Image Not Found image.

    I have the urls, but i was wondering if it was possable to have html auto-change them.

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    I'm not familiar with web.com and their service, but I'm going to guess that you probably cannot change the default images if they don't give you an option to do so. You'll get a lot further if you contact their customer support directly.

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    well you can use javascript you might have to change it a bit though
    HTML Code:
    if (gotImage == false)
     document.getElementById("meImg").src = "Images/NoPiccie.png";
    else if (gotImage == true)
     document.getElementById("meImg").src = "Accounts/blahblah/MyPiccie.png";

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