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Thread: Cannot read form values in CGI

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    Cannot read form values in CGI

    My HTML submits a form as following:
    <FORM id=form1 name=form1 onsubmit="return submitForm();"
    action="" method=post> (now comes defintion of some fields..)
    function submitForm()
    if (validateGcmForm() == true)
    document.form1.action = "http://" + parent.location.host + "/mcc7500/cgi- bin/gcmconfwebappl" ;
    return true ;
    return false ;

    My C++ CGI was indeed invoked but it couldn't find any value using cgicc::getElement().
    and even more, getenv("CONTENT_LENGTH") was NULL.

    however, looking at a protocol analyzer, I see that the a packet of "POST" type is sent to the server, and the names & values of all my fields were sent as well.

    Please help !

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    I also found out that the CGI's "REQUEST_METHOD" is "GET", altough looking at the protocol analyzer I see:
    "POST /mcc7500/cgi-bin/gcmconfwebappl HTTP/1.1 (application/x-www-form-urlencoded)"

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