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Thread: Variable creation from a function argument

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    Question Variable creation from a function argument

    Hi There

    I have come across some code in someone's API that I wish to use myself and I wonder if anyone could advise me on how to use properly..

    I am able to call function
    without any return value.

    Subsequently, in my php I can retrieve with -
    print $array["variablename"]; //this has a value inside of it

    It seems like calling that function creates an $array with local scope, yet the initial call to playerProfile() did not have a return value..

    Does anyone know what I must put in the function definition to mimic this behaviour? Do I need a particular construct/keyword..

    Thanks in advance and Season's greetings


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    Hi, I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can pass a variable by reference, using '&' sign, for example:

    PHP Code:
    function foo(&$var)

    // $a is 6 here

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