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    Training Games website

    Hello All,

    I would very much appreciate your review and comments on the structure, content and functionaity of my website http://www.thetraininggame.co.uk.

    It is very much in it's infancy with much functionality and detail not yet included however it is basically functional.

    Thanks and Happy New Year.

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    Hi! I like the coloration of your site, but the arrangement of the elements on the page leaves much to be desired... Why not to put Google ads on the right side of the page? I think that there the ads will look much more harmonious. The information about contacts and sponsors should be places at the bottom of the page, and the heading should be stretched over the width of the page. I wish you good luck!

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    Good dite, lots of useful information, videos, pictures)

    I think your color choice is nice because it makes the balance between too many elements and dim background)
    so, good job

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    Thanks for review

    Thanks andr105 and Virtuemart.

    I will be developing further over the coming month or so.

    Thanks for taking the time to review respond.

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