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Thread: Running Perl Script as Root

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    Running Perl Script as Root

    I am trying to create a flat text file above the web document root directory and save a few lines of text. Given my web user ("nobody") does not have directory permissions to this location, I am looking to run a basic script that can create a file and add a few lines of text.

    Is it possible to do this in a Perl script? I have had no success with PHP (see http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...d.php?t=224375).

    Has anyone ever done this? Do you have a sample of the perl script?

    Thanks again.

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    This is not the best way to go, methinks. If you actually can get root permissions, then rather give your www user proper permissions.

    For example, you could create a new group "powerusers", assign the directory to that group, give it the group-write permission and add your web user to this group.

    su root
    groupadd powerusers
    chgrp powerusers /var/www/.../
    usermod -G powerusers nobody
    chmod g+w /var/www/.../

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