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Thread: need simple website reservations

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    need simple website reservations

    I know only enough to make rather simple web pages. I need to add a simple reservation page to my web site to make and show reservations for a golf simulator. There is only one simulator and reservations will be in one half hour increments. I just need a name and time of reservation for, say, one week or two weeks in advance showing the day in half hour increments.

    I can have a netbook computer available to send updates on a regular basis. Who has such a system. This is a small operation with one reservation stream. I will happily pay a modest amount for either a comercial or custom made form.

    Maybe this shoujld be as simple as an excel sheet, printed out HTML and uploaded once or twice a day. Can a batch file be written to do the upload? That way people other than myself can take reservations and upload the data.

    Thanks for your time,
    Bryan Kelly

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    It could be handled completely online using the server's database.
    Contact me via email from my website or here: http://scr.im/fede

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