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Thread: Cant see site changes after FTP Dw to mydomain.com

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    Cant see site changes after FTP Dw to mydomain.com

    I am uploading my web files (index.html & about.html) via FTP from dreamweaver to mydomain.com hosting provider. I see that my files are loading but when I go to my URL address there are no changes.

    Everything is showing in the folder which they instructed. It is a Linux Host if that helps.

    Please Help!


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    Clear the cache/Internet history/refresh the page one to several times.

    To elaborate slightly everytime you view a webpage your computer has to download the files necessary to view the page. Therefore if you reload it, your browser will just use the files it already downloaded (aka the caches files) to render the page again in your browser, unless headers are sent that tell your browser specifically to not cache the files in the first place. Refreshing the page one or two times usually forces your browser to download the files again. But if that doesn't work then you can clear your cache/Internet history, depending on what browser you have the methodsare slightly different but not difficult.
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    Thank you for your help! I've emptied the cache and refreshed the page, however I dont see any changes. Perhaps its an error on mydomain.com's part?

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    Have you uploaded these files before? Do you know that you're putting them in the correct folder on the server?


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    yes, i've uploaded them before but never saw the changes. according to the directions given by mydomain.com, I can see the files from the remote site window in Dw CS3 in the folder they specified.

    For my linux hosting they said it should be in the folder "httpdocs". For test purposes, i've put index.html and about.html. Still at my url address it still has their "future site" page.
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    Why not try an ftp program instead of dreamweaver.
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    Have you tried going to yoursite.domain/index.html? Perhaps their index page is called index.htm or index.php?

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