1st off pls be advised that Im a newbie regarding web pages and Id definitely appreciate your patience.

Im putting up a website (still on getting my head around it phase) and one of the things I need to include or do in the site is to stream live tv programs.

tv programs that are aired in another location (country) from where I am currently located.

My thoughts are:
1. Are there softwares I can use to pick up tv channels from that country/location
2. Do I need to have someone physically present from that location to actually pick up the programs for the site
3. To tie up with some sites that are currently already doing the same thing ie streaming tv progs..?

My concern with #3 is that those sites Ive seen so far have poor video/ streaming qualities and unstable hosting (frequent delays, streaming stoppage, etc).

Option #2 Im thinking might be logistically difficult if not impossible...Unless Im exaggerating things in my mind (ie the difficulty involved) like Im thinking Id need someone to do the streaming fulltime or something like that (At this point Id like to confess that I dont know how to do the streaming in the first place).

The 1st option Im thinking IF there is such software, is probably the easiest option.

I would appreciate your wise comments please.

Finally, I know I only listed 3 things but I just thought of the 4th: Is there a legal issue to streaming a free channel on the net? Im aware of sites whove been streaming those free channels from that location for years and they seem to be alright. Maybe they have permission? Hmmmthe guys and the sites dont seem to be the type wholl go for such formalities.

Whats the general practice/culture of tv networks in regards to net streaming? My thought is streaming their programs actually helps their advertisers reach more audience and that should be good for them?