Happy new year to you all After a year of not doing anything website related, I'm back here with a new project. But first, I am hesitating between two languages :
- javascript, with AJAX, php, databases, html and css
- flash with actionscript
(ok, I know, flash is evil, and moreover, it would be my first website with flash, and I don't really have a clue how to do it)

My website (at least a part of it) would be a bit like a video game (remember Indiana Jones, or Monkey Island, in the late 80's ?). It would allow the user to interact with some objects. A bit like J.K.Rowling's website (but not as complicated. Here is the website : http://www.jkrowling.com/en/index.cfm).
However, the user should be able to combine two or more objects to form another object, which he can then use to do an action on another object. He should also be able to collect objects and store them in an inventory. He can look at the objects, or use them (like in a video-game).
There will also be something similar to my last website, which is a different design during the day and during the night. But because I'm really crazy, I'll add stuff like the user needs to water the plants otherwise they start to die. (I guess I can achieve that with simple php conditional statements)
My main concern is not the accessibility (this is just a website "for fun", I'll make another one more simple), but I wouldn't want to end up with a 5000 lines start page ^^.
If I decide to do it with javascript, php and html, I'll use drag and drop functions (but I need to be able to save the position of the objects in a cookie, so that the user has the same display next time he comes to the website. Is that even possible ? I guess the cookie would have to be javascript), the other stuff I can do with php. But I don't know if combining two or more objects together to create another object is achievable with javascript ?
If I decide to go with flash, it will be really difficult, because I can do only some animations and very simple things. However, I guess some stuff can be done in flash and integrated to the javascript-php-html-css website.

So, what would be your advice ? (except, of course, "don't do this website and do something else")

Thanks !!!