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Thread: how to translate site into another languag

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    how to translate site into another languag


    Hi i need to translate my site into 4 different languages, can someone tell me how i can do this. is it php work or can we do it without the help of php

    Please help me out friends

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    pawan kohli

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    You will need some type of server side code to accomplish this? It can be php, if that is what you know.
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    You will basically need to create 4 parrallel sites, each in a different language to correspond with the flag or language menu.

    If your site is in Wordpress, there is a very good plugin to do this.

    If you are only adding this as a kind of feature and it is not absolutely essential, you can use Google machine translation... they have opened their API.

    Here it is on a page that translates newsfeeds and newspapers using the Google translation API:

    You could do something like that. Try reading the headlines to get an idea of the quality of the translation...

    If you have a budget to hire 3 translators and it is essential, this would not be good enough.

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