Hello everyone.

I am trying to edit an element on a XML file with SimpleXML, and as far as I am concerned I have to remove the old one and then add the new one. First of all, my XML file is like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Placemark id="1000"><!-- children elements --></Placemark>
<Placemark id="1001"><!-- children elements --></Placemark>
<Placemark id="1002"><!-- children elements --></Placemark>
I load the XML like this:
PHP Code:
$xml simplexml_load_file($xmlfile) or die("Αρχείο XML δε βρέθηκε");
Now i find the <Placemark> element with the id attribute I want like this:
PHP Code:
foreach ($institutions as $institution)  {
if (
$institution['id']==$id) {
$current_uni $institution;

What do I have to do to remove this particular element?

Thank you in advanced.