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Thread: Javascript not working in Dreamweaver CS3

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    Question Javascript not working in Dreamweaver CS3

    I am having an issue trying to add a javascript to dreamweaver cs3. I am trying to put a calculator on a .html page using javascript. The issue that I am having is the “Calculate” button is not working. The “Reset” button works. I was given the code directly from the author. I have his permission to use it. I have no idea what I am doing wrong or what I am forgetting to do. If anybody can shed some light on this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I can provide the script if needed.

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    Well without seeing your code it's impossible for anyone here to help.

    I do know the problem is not to do with DW, though. If it doesn't work, either the code is flawed or the implementation is wrong - JS doesn't react differently according to which program you used to insert it. It could be Notepad, DW, or any other IDE or editor.

    This probably won't help you, but consider getting out of WYSIWYG editors. They have had their day and are pretty much useless nowadays - there's no way they can show you how your site will look and behave. If you get yourself a good IDE and work in code only, you'll learn much more.

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