I have a prototype that does this server side, but was hoping I could achieve it client side..

if someone were to start from my page, enter a URL into a text box and submit..

I want to be able to append some java script to the next page.. But it would show the next page as normal..

However, when that page finishes loading, I want to trigger my java script which starts a timer, and when they click away from the page, it stops the timer, but makes sure the java script is present on the next page they go to..

Actualy showing the total in a small floating div..

I understand to get the java onto every page, I probably have to download the page in the javascript, then alter the current page to show the new page, with an added function..

Firstly, can it be done...

second, where on earth do I start!

any advice or points in the right direction would be gratefully received..