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    Question New to hosting webpages

    Hello, I am an Oracle SQL developer, but am interested in developing complete solutions. I know, that means a lot of work/learning/research, but I was hoping I could get a little advice from the pro's!

    Ideally I would like to start off with hosting a web site which can access my Oracle XE database in a user friendly interface. Eventually getting more complex as I learn the basics. I have tried APEX, and that works fine, but asking a user to access the web page by entering a port # and application ID seems a bit far fetched. I have also read a bit about LAMP, but if possible, I would like to try OracleXE instead of MySQL (I have to learn all the front end, adding research on MySQL will take that much longer!). I'm thinking of taking my spare desktop, formatting it and installing Ubuntu 9.10 + Oracle XE. Any advice on what else I may need? Apache? PHP software?

    Sorry, I'm pretty naive about this stuff, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm basically looking for hints as to where my research as there seem to be so many different options out there. And if possible, low cost solutions, as I don't want to spend a lot of money on licensing software which may never see a lot of public use.


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    Yes, you will required the Apache server too and also you will require the control panels to manage the domains. Moreover, to run the application or web site you will also require the PHP to be installed on your server.

    Moreover, you will need to configure the apache in such a way that it interact with the Oracle too.

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    SQL will generally work between database systems (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc). There is surprisingly little that doesn't work between them when you use correct SQL.

    PHP also allows a direct connection to an Oracle database using an extension.

    See Oracle's PHP section...

    Moreover, you will need to configure the apache in such a way that it interact with the Oracle too.
    There is no need to configure apache to connect to oracle for any but the most extremely rare situations.

    Ubuntu has Apache/PHP available through the repository and it is a breeze to setup using the standard install method of your choice.

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    Thank you for your input. I think I may have more immediate problems if I am to pursue this... I don't think that my provider allows me to host without some rather expensive service changes (for an even slower line)

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