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Thread: setCapture problem

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    Question setCapture problem

    I have a row in a table, like this:

    <TR style="POSITION: relative" id=theRow height=90>
    <TD style="POSITION: relative" id=theTableDate bgColor=#ffffff height="100%" width=600>
    <IMG style="POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 13px; HEIGHT: 10px; TOP: 41px; LEFT: 295px" id=myImage  src="Picture.gif">
    Which is basically a large table row with an image located within it.

    I do a setCapture on theRow and intercept the mouse movements during the capture with my on onMouseMove method, which displays the coordinates of the mouse as it's moving.

    But it only captures the mouse movement while the mouse is on the image. When the mouse is off the image, but still within theRow's area, my onMouseMove method doesn't get called.

    Any suggestions?

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    So, do you want to capture the mouse position all over the document? Or what?

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    Maybe you could make an image that is 600px width, and is your current image placed in your current background. So that it looks exactly like it is now. But make the image a .gif or .png

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