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Thread: Help! Close in iframe in an iframe

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    Question Help! Close in iframe in an iframe

    The Scenario: On my site I have a pop-up modal window (tinybox) with an iframe in it. I close this iframe successfully using:

    window.parent.document.getElementById('someid').parentNode.removeChild(window.parent.document.getEle mentById('someid'));

    where 'someid' is the id of the iframe that's in the modal window.

    The problem: My site is displayed in an iframe on other sites (with permission) So now there is an iframe in site A displaying my site B and site B then has a modal window with the iframe 'someid' that needs to be closed.

    I've tried lots of combinations of parent, window, contentWindow,
    top.window etc and can't find any that work.

    I can give the top iframe on site A, the new top domain, an id of my choosing if that helps. eg topframe and can add javascript to site A or site B.

    This is the structure as I think...

    parent (site A)--> document in parent --> iframe in document (topframe) --> 2nd parent (site B - my site)--> document in 2nd parent --> iframe in document (someid)

    I think the problems may be due to security issues where the 2 iframes are in different domains, but equally it could just be due to my poor understanding of parents, child nodes etc not leading me to the correct javascript command.

    I am a relative javascript newbie so any help from you wise old javascript sages out there greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately for you, the cross-domain javascript relationship between documents is not possible for obvious security reasons

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