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Thread: GIMP vs Photshop Elements

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    Question GIMP vs Photshop Elements

    As a complete beginner I try do do some graphics work in photo Elements to practice web development. I noticed you cant slice in Elements wich is something I wanted to try to construct a webpage.
    Then I found GIMP but am I just as well off with Elements?
    Is slicing a great way to make a web page? Thank you!

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    Photoshop is better (probably the best), but expensive, GIMP is less performant, but freeware.
    Quote Originally Posted by airbayforce
    Is slicing a great way to make a web page? Thank you!
    Probably not. It is safer (and professional) to cut/saveAs "manually" the graphical elements, not to use the "slicing" tool.
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    Is disagree that Photoshop slicing isn't good.

    I use it all the time and it works great. Its a huge time saver. Photoshop will also create an HTML document along with the images. You can just copy the table it created into your main documnet and modify as needed.

    If you decide to crop and manually slice that will work too. If you have an elaborate slicing scheme this can become tedious.

    One thing to advise is to make all image corrections before slicing. For example, if you decide to do something as simple as sharpening one of the already sliced images, it can leave unnaturally edges between the slices.

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    About you GIMP vs. Photoshop question............

    Photoshop for sure is superior. Being a professional photography, that is what I use almost exclusively.

    I have used both GIMP and Photoshop Elements to a great extend as well. Given the choice between the 2, I would take GIMP hands down over Elements. Elements leaves out key things such as curves (one of the most essential of all things). Being open source, the GIMP programmers strive to give you everything they possibly can so they don't intentionally leave out basic functions in an attempt to make you buy something more expensive.

    If you are budget minded, I recommend Paint Shop Pro. It is around the same price as Elements but will blow it away. For image editing, it is almost on par with Photoshop. But it will lack some bells and whistles (one being it doesn't do slices).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddbell View Post
    Photoshop will also create an HTML document along with the images. You can just copy the table it created into your main documnet and modify as needed.
    That is definitely to be avoided. Let Photoshop do what he knows better - create/modify/handle the images. Client-side programming is a different stuff. The HTML/CSS/javascript should be handled manually for the beginning, or with a little help of DW, or even Notepad+. A good developer must learn and write HTML/XHTML, CSS and javascript.
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    I perfectly understand HTML tables, how to use rowspan, colspan, cell alignment, how to use spacer .gifs, embed tables inside of other tables, etc., etc. I do know HTML pretty well.

    Photoshop does a decent job of creating basic tables, which as mentioned, can be embedded into the document and MODIFIED as needed. How much have you actually used Photoshop slices? I am surprised how much you are against them. Most programmers I know think they are helpful, even if they are not absolutely needed.

    Also, regarding slices, they are great for exporting the images even if you don't want to export HTML. If you insist, then you can create the table by hand. Heck, you can even avoid using the easy table generator button in Dreamweaver and manually type all of the tags if you so choose. However, you can still use the images that were cut and exported with Photoshop slices in your manually typed table (which I do all the time). Slices are a HUGE time saver if only used for exporting the images (and yes, I know Photoshop very well so I could manually crop everything if I really wanted too).

    Slices are great. You can easily select and modify slice dimensions with a simple click and drag. Also, what if you want to move one of the design elements inside one of your PSD layers (which happens to span multiple slices)? With a couple more mouse clicks, you can resave ALL of the images slices without needed to crop, flatten, and then export each image separately. Why is this so bad? It seems pretty handy to me.

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    Thumbs up Thats quite alot of info!

    First, thank you guys for sharing so much and I am so glad I found this forum.
    That is alot of info and honestly, most is beyond my level at this point.
    None the less EXTREMELY helpfull!

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