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Thread: [RESOLVED] Formatting LIST BBcode

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Formatting LIST BBcode

    PHP Code:
    function BBCODE($input)

    /* pattern is an array of patterns
             to look for, while replace is an
             array of HTML elements to replace
             the patterns with.
             0 is used for the BOLD tag
             1 is used for the ITALIC tag
             2 is used for the LINK tag
             3 is used for the UNORDERD LIST tag
             4 is used for the LIST tag */
    $pattern = array();

    $pattern[0] = "/\[B\](.*)\[\/[Bb]\]/Ui";
    $pattern[1] = "/\[I\](.*)\[\/[Ii]\]/Ui";
    $pattern[2] = "/\[URL\=(.*)\](.*)\[\/URL\]/Ui";
    $pattern[3] = "/\[UL\](.*)\[\/UL\]/Ui";
    $pattern[4] = "/\[LI\](.*)\[\/LI\]/Ui";

    $replace = array();

    $replace[0] = "<b>$1</b>";
    $replace[1] = "<i>$1</i>";
    $replace[2] = "<a href=\"http://$1\" target=\"_blank\">$2</a>";
    $replace[3] = "<ul>$1</ul>";
    $replace[4] = "<li>$1</li>";

    $input preg_replace($pattern$replace$input);
    $input str_ireplace('http://http://''http://'$input); // used as a precaution since the user might enter the HTTP protocol in the prompt

    return $input;
    I noticed the other day that if a newline is in with the BBCode for the ul or li tags, that the formatting is messed up when it eventually prints on the web page as HTML. Does anyone know of a good way to combat this?

    **EDIT: Yes, I know that it's case insensitive and needs a little bit of work. I've been meaning to edit the file.
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    how is the formatting messed up? does it put it outside a li or ul tag? or is it just outputting ugly? Could you post a screenshot? or a link to a page where we can see it? I'm a visual person that'd help some of us help you.
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    If I'm correctly guessing the issue, add the "s" modifier to the "Ui" modifiers in your patterns, so that the "." wildcard will include newlines.
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    That was it. Thanks NogDog I tried matching newlines in testing, but it wasn't working. Now I know I was using the wrong modifier

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