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    New to XML


    I have been asked to provide some real-time feeds from a site that uses XML, but the feed is not a normal .xml link, it is given to me with a userid & password, for example:


    In Firefox this URL will give me the normal XML feed, but I need to be able to extract this using PHP.

    I'm not very confident in using XML, but understand I need to parse the XML feed and have been told by the providers of the data that I should be able to extract using a simple CGI which they have provided me with using the HttpRequest.

    I have been able to parse using PHP, but the trouble is I can't seem to pick out each of the elements. For example, I have a news title under the <title> element and a link under the <URL> element, but want to wrap round HTML so that the <URL> element is the linking to the <title> element if that makes sense?!

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    This is more of a PHP question and what you are trying to accomplish is pretty straight forward. You'll need the PHP cURL and DOM modules. Just read the documentation and the examples and it'll all make sense.
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