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Thread: Jquery - Using more than one effect together

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    Jquery - Using more than one effect together


    I currently have this bit of code:

    HTML Code:
    function animateUp(){
    $('#floatbox').animate({top:"-=50px"},500, "swing").fadeOut();
    function mainBox(){
    		setTimeout("animateUp();", 3000);
    My problem is, it animates first to its final position, then fades. I really want it to move AND fade at the same time. I'm fairly new to js in general, it probably is quite straight forward but having looked at examples of animation on the web i can't seem to see a answer.


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    Fixed, i used animates opacity:0/1 option instead.

    $('#floatbox').animate({opacity: 0, top:"-=30px"},500, "swing");


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