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Thread: Magneto & product attributes

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    Magneto & product attributes

    I am new to Magento and have to setup a series of lightbulbs in a shopping cart with different attributes.

    I setup a rough HTML mockup of two products:

    you will see that lightbulb #1 has three wattage options, while lightbulb #2 only has one wattage option. What is the best way to setup the attributes? I tried adding a drop down menu and adding the options, but when adding the product it only lets me select one option

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    ok I got this figured out but I have a new issue:

    i added a few product attributes, then try to add a new product and I dont see my attributes when adding a new product. however when adding a new product and i select the add attribute button at the top and add an attribute, it works. Why is it that I can add attributes in the attribute section and it dosent show up when adding a product, yet if I try and add an attribute when editing or adding a product, it is fine. when i compare the attributes in the attributes section, they all appear to have the same settings... its weird

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