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Thread: Flash menu distorts when scrolling...

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    Unhappy Flash menu distorts when scrolling...

    Hi guys,

    I'm having my client's site flash menu sitting right at the top. You can see that here.

    If you scroll up and down, the flash menu displays perfectly.

    But after working on the site to implement some features, I am forced to change the doctype, and that kind of screwed-up the tables. I reworked the tables and the layout looks good.

    But now the flash menu TEARS up whenever I scroll up and down, which is very obvious due to the black bar running across the top. The flash menu block sort of like disconnect with the two table cells beside it

    This is made obvious by the black bar running across the top. But once the scrolling stops, everything is fine again.

    My client specifically mentioned to have this fix, even though it may look minor.

    This prob occurs in IE. It works fine for me in FF, but my friends told me they have that problem in FF...

    Any advice will be MUCH appreciated!

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    Why on earth are you using flash for a menu? It is slow to load, broken for some (as you have seen), and offers nothing that can't be done with a real image and HTML/CSS.
    Chris F.A. Johnson

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