I need to develop a brand new website for a client. The site will be Professional Brochure Website but will need to be professional and corporate in appearance and will have several pages that will also be updated on a monthly/weekly basis. I was going to code this in XHTML/CSS but based on the expenditure of the site this language would be too costly in the long run and no good as a CMS language.

I have researched forums and other sites and would like to get an opinion at which language is better to use for such a project. I am steering more towards Joomla but Drupal is there if someone can suggest the better platform for this project.

I will point out that the website will aim to get over 50k visitors per month so a strong platform is crucial for the future of this website as well as search engine friendly so the site can get ranked high on Search Engines based on Online Marketing and SEO.

I am confused between the 2 CMS platforms but I will point out:
  • the site will expand over time from 50 pages to possibly 500 after several years
  • The site has to be SEO friendly
  • Is JOOMLA equal in SEO rankings or is DRUPAL better to get a better rank for a website?
  • Is JOOMLA as safe as DRUPAL in regard to SECURITY and HACKING

The site will contain the following features:

  • It will have about 3 categories which will include articles that will be added per monthly basis.
  • It will also include BLOG page with post and no comments
  • A Directory feature of approx 150 Contact Details for Businesses and their website links

Example of the categories for the menu (split into 2 menus - horizontal/vertical and the footer):

1. Home
2. Services - 1 to 3 pages
3. Products - 1 page
4. About - several Sub-Categories
5. Contact Us - Contact Form
6. Gallery - 2 to 3 Galleries

7. Recycling Information - Articles
8. Interesting Facts - Articles
9. Resources - Articles
10. Blog - Regular Posts (no comments)
11. Newsletter - Past and Recent Newsletters
12. Recycling Locations - Directory of all locations (approx 150)

13. Sitemap
14. Privacy Policy
15. Disclaimer
16. Copyright

I look forward to your recommendations whether I should use JOOMLA or DRUPAL for this project. Please let me know some strong advantages why you think this platform is better then the other.

The site will be developed by a professional so if you also have at least 3-5yrs of expertise in these languages and can provide a high quality portfolio you might even get the job.