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Thread: Asking advice about teaching CSS

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    Asking advice about teaching CSS

    I've been working for some time on my HTML manual, but I've realized something: I don't explain all the tricks I use in the examples, including CSS-generated content and CSS counters. Now I have a question for all of you: Should I explain how to do them?
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    Well, seeing as though at least 20% of the masses are still using IE6 and IE7, I would hesitate to indulge people in the concept. The main reason, once you educate people on how they work in (mostly) full CSS 2.1 supported browsers, they will expect a "hack" for browsers that don't support that feature and then the "can of worms" will be open.

    So, although the incorporation of this has it's usefulness, I hesitate to think that people will appreciate it with the lack of full browser support. Here is a link for supported IE CSS if you want to entertain students:

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