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Thread: make background expand with content

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    make background expand with content

    Hey everyone. If you go here: http://cinematiccorp.com/cartiertest/index.html and view the site, you will see that the background is made up of 3 jpeg image slices. My question is......say in the future I wanted to add more content or more wording to the main text etc. Is there a way to make that background height expand with the extra content? I know how to do this using CSS for a plain background (height:100%), but I'm not sure if or how it can be done with image slices as the background.


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    hi, i got a solution for you, but you must restructure the website.

    header, middle, footer.

    header will contain: the logo, slogan and the navigation(aligned vertically) and the top part of the background as an background. It would be better to rearrange the top navigation horizontally. float the container left.

    middle will contain: a background image which will be a 1px * 1px image of the grey background repeated. also the big image must be inserted as an image element and not be part of the background. it will contain all the content. float the container left.

    footer will contain: the bottom links and other related information, no heavy content. float the container left. and the bottom part of the backgruond image.

    this will enable you to enter cotnent in the middle layer and the container will expand aswell as the background image.

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