The best way for me to describe the issue is a visual of exactly what's going wrong, so I've uploaded a portion of my site here:

On that page if you click "Read Full" beneath the blog post, a black overlay should envelope the page and a white box with an "X" in the corner should BlindDown. When you click on the X, the box will BlindUp and the overlay will fade out.

All of this works fine the first time, but after opening and closing the box once, if you click Read Full again the box will not BlindDown, but will kind of stutter from partially open to fully open. Following this the BlindUp and Fade will work fine, but BlindDown will only work properly once without refreshing the page.

As mentioned in the title, I'm using the Scriptaculous/Prototype library to achieve these effects, so I'm hoping anyone familiar with this lib can help me.

The overlay and box are initially hidden. The offending code (I hope) is as follows.
When you click "Read Full", this is called:
function readFull() {
var id = document.getElementById("fullpostshield")//overlay id"100%";//this line and the one following expand the overlay"1000px";
Effect.Appear('fullpostshield', { queue: 'front',duration: .5 });//makes the overlay fade in
Effect.BlindDown('full_blog_post', { queue: 'end',duration: .5 });//makes the box blind down all fancy-like
var flashid=document.getElementById("flash");//This line and line following make the embedded video disappear temporarily'hidden';
scrollTo(0,0);//jumps to the top of the page
return false;
And this is called when you click the X to close the box:
function closeFull() {
var id = document.getElementById("fullpostshield");//overlay id
Effect.BlindUp('full_blog_post', {queue: 'front', duration: .5 });//removes the box in a fancy fashion
Effect.Fade('fullpostshield', { queue: 'end',duration: .5 });//fades the overlay out
setTimeout("document.getElementById('flash').style.visibility='visible';",1000);//makes the video reappear when everything else is done
Any hints as to why it's not resetting properly would be appreciated, thank you for your time.