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Thread: Radio buttons not shown correctly after checking on checkboxes in IE8

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    Radio buttons not shown correctly after checking on checkboxes in IE8

    I have a group of 2 radio buttons and you can only choose one of those (mutually exclusive). Below it, there are 2 independant checkboxes. If you check on any one of the checkboxes, then the 2nd radio button should be selected. This works in Firefox, but not in IE8. The only way the radio button will be updated is when you check on both of the checkboxes, or checking on one of those and then mouseclick on anywhere on the page.

    The problem seems to be that the radio buttons just aren't updated correctly before submitting the form. After submitting, the correct choices are selected.

    Anyone encountered the same problems?

    Here are the javascript functions:

    function chooseRolle() {
    document.forms[0].hasRoles[1].checked = true;
    function chooseAll() {
    for (i=0;i<document.forms[0].roles.length;i++) {
    document.forms[0].roles[i].checked = false;

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    What is the html?
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    I found a workaround for IE8. It will work using onclick instead of onchange. Is this a bug?

    <input id="all" name="hasRoles" class="radioButton" onclick="chooseAll();" type="radio" value="false" checked="checked"/>

    <input name="roles" class="checkbox" onclick="chooseRole();" type="checkbox" value="ARE=IMPORT"/>

    <input name="roles" class="checkbox" onclick="chooseRole();" type="checkbox" value="ARE=USER"/>

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