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Thread: 400 bad request zeus web server rewrite

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    400 bad request zeus web server rewrite

    I have never used a zeus server, and found that the mod rewrite rules are different, so I used my hosting companies conversion tool to change them, thought I would test one first. and I keep getting 400 bad request, have not a clue how to sort this. Here is the zeus code i am supposed to use.

    match URL into $ with ^/newsite/index.html$
    if not matched then goto RULE_0_END
    # Source line 1
    # Second half of: RewriteRule ^/newsite/index.html$ newsite/index.php
    set URL = newsite/index.php

    But if I enter www.domain.com/newsite/index.html

    I get a 400 bad request????

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    You will need to check the error logs for the exact error message.

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