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Thread: [RESOLVED] Is it ok to make your left side Nav bar liquid?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Is it ok to make your left side Nav bar liquid?

    Hi I have a couple of doubts about making my entire layout liquid. I made my wrapper and all the elements inside of it liquid (giving them percentages instead of px' or em's), including my left-side Nav bar. I followed the examples in the CSS Mastery book, written by Andy Budd, although I've read in articles that you shouldn't make your left-nav liquid, but rather fixed. Does anyone know if this is indeed a good practice in reality or if it might cause me trouble. Thank you.

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    I always make it fixed. Here's why. If the user resizes you never know what will wrap. I like my menu items on one line. I don't like letting the browser to decide what and when to wrap.

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    I'd agree with that (depending on your design). Personally I'd always have my navigation bars static with predefined widths (again depending on your design) especially if your gonna be using JavaScript for some swanky effects ie dropdowns or the like. Reason being you never quite know how that's gonna behave or more importantly look.

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