Hi Guys,

I have a Div that I want to have at a certain place on my page and activate on mouseover,

I have it working except its not showing where I want exactly. Ive set the css to where I want it to show in relation to the top of the page in the hope that no matter what screen res the user has it will show in the same place on each browser.

But its just not working, Ive tried chaning the top value in my code like this,
<DIV id="subcontent" style="position:absolute; top:319px; visibility: hidden; background-image: url(images/bubble1.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; width: 400px; height:350px; padding: 8px; left: 570px; top: 319px;"></DIV>
Im pretty new to positioning div's and would appreciate any advice.