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Thread: Please review our new website www.corda.nl

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    Please review our new website www.corda.nl

    Please check our new website http://www.corda.nl.

    It is in Dutch. All comments are welcome.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Good points:

    • Looks clean, professional and leaves a good impression of the type of service you offer.
    • Works well in all resolutions above 1024x768.
    • Easy to use navigation, is not confusing and even basic computer users would still be able to get around easily.

    Suggested improvements:

    • Scroll bars at resolution 800x600
    • Takes ages to initially load. I timed at 3 mins for all of the images on your 'scrolling image area' on the main page to finish loading. For the first 30 seconds, I was unable to navigate at all while some of the page images loaded. This was using high-speed broadband for which other sites are not as slow.


    A good site. Despite the load times and resolution settings, it is very usable and explains in a clear and professional manner your services (even though I don't speak Dutch, it was still easy to see what each section was, which is great!).

    Would give it an overall 8/10.
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    Page load is fine here, under 15 seconds - no cache. I'm guilty of ignoring 800x600 browsers as well, I really wouldn't worry about it a whole lot (I understand if other developers are wildly adamant about having it work at 800x600 as I am wildly adamant about creating a JS-degradeable website so that when JS is disabled, everything still works fine).

    Nice clean look with enough content to not make it look empty.

    I have one small very picky suggestions, just a personal preference really. On your bottom navigation, I'd make the links block so that they are the full height of the bar (similar to you main navigation up top) rather than just inline where the only thing that is the link is the text.

    Great site, though!
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