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Thread: [RESOLVED] fadeIn image replacement issues

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    resolved [RESOLVED] fadeIn image replacement issues

    I'm woking on a simple image replacement thumbnail gallery using jQuery and am trying to get each image to fadeIn when the thumbnail is clicked. My (stripped down) code looks like this so far:
    $(".thumbs a").click(function(){
    var largePath = $(this).attr("href");
    var largeAlt = $(this).attr("title");
    $("#largeImg").attr({ src: largePath, alt: largeAlt });
    return false;
    <img id="largeImg" src="img1-lg.jpg" alt="Large image" />
    <p class="thumbs">
    <a href="img1-lg.jpg"><img src="img1-thumb.gif" /></a>
    <a href="img2-lg.jpg"><img src="img2-thumb.gif" /></a>
    <a href="img3-lg.jpg"><img src="img3-thumb.gif" /></a>

    Can anybody help me with this, or point me to a better solution? I'm trying to ditch my old staple--Flash (like Apple )--for overall end usability.

    I'm trying not to use any jQuery plugins.

    Just a heads up I'm a bit of a n00b with .js and jQuery.

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    The main big image needs to be (two) images placed with style absolute on top of each other.

    I almost surfed on by when I saw "jquery" but, if you are willing to abandon that or better yet can persuade the owner of webdeveloper.com to make a separate forum for jquery, I have a working code that I use all the time for viewing images. It works in IE and FF. If you need something for any other browsers, you'll need to work on it.

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