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Thread: Activate a function in the linked html

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    Question Activate a function in the linked html

    I'm making a portfolio-style web and there is a Projects section in it. Each project has its own html and a button which links to a new html with a trailer.

    Now, the new html with a trailer is basically the same for all the projects. It has a flash player embedded in it which has a different project video in each frame.

    I've created a function in the trailer html which reads like this:

    function reklam1()
    var flashMovie=getFlashMovieObject("player");

    Ok, so I want to make sure that if I click on a link in the projects html it will open this new trailer html and activate the desired function which will push the flash player into a corresponding frame.

    How do I have to make the link to be able to do that?

    Or is there any better way how to get the player to a desired frame on startup using javascript/html?

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    Solved using quite more complicated solution. I have to create an html file for every video of the project and they will use this:

    <body onload="javascript:window.document.player.GotoFrame(1);">

    Where the frame number will correspond to the frame with a desired video inside the flash file. Quite messy but gets the job done.

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