Hi guys n gals,

I work in an office where I look after a basic CSS/HTML website to display up-to-date information to staff.

This is an intranet based website that only runs on our server, it is not available outside of the site, only to the 200 computers linked to our server. People don't actually 'connect' to the site, but rather just open the file from another computer with shared folder access.

At the moment, the way in which people edit the information on the site is using the #include command. They edit text files using basic html, and this is pulled on to the site using the includes.

This is a pain, as only a few people on site have had the time to learn even basic HTML, and I am the only person who knows anything about the actual scripting of the site.

What I am therefore looking for is a CMS for the site that people can use to edit the information on there, but one that does not need to be uploaded to the internet or require anything outside of the server it is already on.
It needs to be basic as well, very basic. Layout, links and similar do not need to be edited. All staff would need to edit is the information on the page, the main content, without having to know any html at all.

There is probably information I have missed off here, feel free to ask so I can elaborate on anything that I have neglected.

And thanks in advance for advice.