Hey geeks ( and non-geeks )

I've been browsing all webdeveloper.com, all google.com and I couldn't find an answer.
I designed and coded a web page which is resizing after the visitors screen resolution ( I didn't use percent heights, I used positioning ).
It looks excellent in normal browsers ( Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera ) and even in stupid browsers ( IE 8 & IE 7 ), but my problem is, of course, IE 6.

Beside using the positioning system ( and if I know correctly IE 6 doesn't like to much ) I also used jQuery and Mootools on the same pages. I'm using jQuery no-conflict so I don't have any problems under proper browsers, but when I open the page in IE 6 everything's messed up.

I tried removing the positioned divs and that kinda fixed the thing. I recoded the whole thing for IE 6, but now I'm encountering JS problems.
To skip all the problems and the unnecessary time spent on IE 6 I want to remove the JS as well.

My question is: Is there a way to disable the JavaScript ( ALL the JavaScript ) from ( or something that doesn't require the visitors browser setting to be modified ) HTML and ONLY under IE 6?