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Thread: non-Java webpage password code required

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    Unhappy non-Java webpage password code required

    The default install of the new IE8 has "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows" disabled in its Security Settings. So, if you have Java password script to password protect a webpage it won't work unless the IE8 settings are changed. Currently, 40% of visitors to the website use IE8 but I don't wish to ask users to change their settings (they may not wish to do it or they may not be capable of doing it).

    Is there any HTML code that I can add to a page to password protect it (only one password required without a username) that doesn't use Java scripted windows that is also secure? I was going to use a product like HTML Guardian to encrypt the pages if this helps with the password security.

    Would appreciate any code or suggestions to password protect a single page.

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    This is a secure solution for password protection with JavaScript. It works by encrypting the password and the content. Nothing is revealed in the source code, and it cannot be beaten by disabling JavaScript.

    The download contains three files:
    Protect Content.html lets you generate your own protected content.
    Demo.html is a protected document, and as long as it remains unbroken, it's your proof that this software works. You can also use it as a template for your own protected pages.
    Demo, with hint.html is another protected document that tells you the password. This is meant to show that the first demo is not a trick or a fake.
    Thanks Jeff, I'm only a newbie so please bear with me. How do you use this code? Can I just copy and paste into the existing page? What is the password and how do you set it? Thanks in advance.

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