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Thread: strange page problems when uploading to Godaddy

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    Unhappy strange page problems when uploading to Godaddy

    I'm working on building a gallery page for a relative. The gallery has a few cute DHTML features: a sliding div that shows one line of images at a time, and a sort of popup slideshow the users can get to by either clicking "view larger image" or just clicking on one of the thumbnails. There's been a lot of drama while developing this site, first around CSS disagreements between IE 5-7, older versions of Firefox, and Safari (yes, I have a Mac). Once I got those resolved, the next thing that came up was all kinds of strange display problems that happen only when I upload the site to godaddy -- Javascript which worked fine locally (testing with Safari and Firefox) and didn't generate any errors in Dreamweaver is suddenly fouling up.

    I know what you're probably thinking (anyone who might read this) -- he uploaded the site and forgot to change the links to the images. Not so -- I went through and made sure they were saved exactly as they were in the original, in the same directory structure and all. The godaddy representative suggested moving all the images to the root directory. I did this and updated the src attribute of all the image tags accordingly, and got the same issue.

    The code is a bit lengthy to display here (at least 150 lines), but you can see three pages I put up at the following addresses:

    http://www.ronalesser.com/tableprototype.html (this one works fine)

    Same directory: figurative2.html (DON'T look at this one -- the "while" loop is causing it to hang -- even though it did fine in DW and on my Mac!)

    Same directory: figurative3.html (I used a pure conditional block instead of a while block in this one, and for some reason on godaddy it's only loading the first three images and then not registering the value of the variable holding the end of my nudge -- it's a global, so I can't see why. Again, this one works just fine on my machine).

    By the way, Fang, if you're the one who answers all of these, I want to extend my sincere appreciation (as you can see, one of your earlier solutions worked like a charm).

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    Smile dot the i's, cross the t's, and always give your files extensions

    If it were a snake it would have bit me. Trying the popup viewer revealed that my script stopped loading images as soon as it encountered a file without an extension. What an embarrassing oversight. :{ Anyway, now the prototype page for the galleries works great.

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