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Thread: Website Loading Issue...

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    Website Loading Issue...

    Hello everyone.

    I'm not sure is this is a CSS issue or one that can be solved with JavaScript, but I'm having a problem with this page www.sociallyaffluent.com/sampleview.html

    where the text on the four flyer images aren't being positioned correctly upon the uploading of the page. However, when you refresh again, it positions correctly. At first I thought this was a caching issue on my computer, but it did the same thing on someone else's.

    I'm a perfectionist (as you all are as well ) and I don't like things moving around or being out of position.

    I'm really interested in hearing your feedback on a solution. Thanks.

    P.S. If it doesn't happen on your computer when you first upload it, try it again because it's an on and off thing. But I need an overall solution.

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    you have errors in your markup(2 forms with the same names and many other markup bugs) - this may cause those strange things to your page.


    try writting valid markup first
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