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Thread: adding the target attribute to every link within an iframe

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    Question open automataticaly generated links within iframe

    My company has developed a filemaker form/database/a bunch of other junk webpage. It is designed to be embedded into our websites in a frame/iframe so that each of our sites will show the same data/links/etc. and it makes recording the traffic much easier as well. Anyway the problem we're having is filemaker automatically generates the links but I need to specify that those links open within my iframe so as i understand it what i need is a way in html or css to specify that all links within my iframe open inside the iframe or that all the links with in my iframe have the attribute target="_PFrame". I'd be open to any way of accomplishing this because we can't figure out how to do it in HTML, CSS, or in Filemaker
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    In the head of the document:
    <base target="_PFrame">
    <base target="_self">
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